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​​​​My Story

In June of 2007, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. After almost a decade of stomach pains and discomfort, I finally had a name and solution to a day-to-day frustration. You see, in 2007, Celiac and Gluten Free was not a mainstream buzzword like it is today. I would go to grocery stores and clerks would look at me as though I had three heads when I asked if they had anything gluten free. And if they did have any products, there would only be a few items that all tasted like cardboard. Restaurant managers would often bring out a dry piece of chicken and some overcooked broccoli. I remember a wedding I went to and the meal they brought me was just a piece of chicken, they had omitted the baked potato. More often enough, people assumed potatoes have gluten since they are a carb.

​So, after 22 years of living off practically bread and baked goods, I was forced to maintain a severely limited diet. I lost a bunch of weight. Which, for me, was an exciting thing. I had finally lost that 15 lbs I know a lot of women can relate to. And so, I contacted local modeling agencies. I was very quickly signed to several agencies in the Chicago, Milwaukee market and started booking jobs. Who knew Celiac Disease could help start a career? Maintaining this limited diet was starting to break my spirit though. I figured it couldn’t hurt to talk about my anxiety over food. I met with a psychiatrist who after a few sessions suggested I try hypnotherapy for my food noise. I thank this woman for being so thoughtful for my care, that she thought outside of her abilities for my success. My only experience with hypnotherapy had been a few years earlier with a stage hypnotist. I’ve always enjoyed the brain, abnormal psychology, how and why we think the things we think. I was fascinated on the concept and went to meet with a hypnotherapist once every week for 5 weeks. I had amazing success. My food noise dropped off. I was myself again.

Fast forward to years later, when I was re-evaluating my life path. I realized what I was doing for work wasn’t making me happy and I found and started re-reading the book the stage hypnotist had given me. The book was written by Dr. Steve Taubman. “How to wake up, start over, and create the life you’re meant to live”. As I sat re-reading this book for the fourth time – a light bulb went off. Why don’t I help motivate others to get over their struggles like I had been helped? What a wonderful idea to help people get through to their inner voices so to speak? And so my business began. The universe is such a beautiful and silent friend in my eyes. Without the failures earlier in my life, I would have never been lead to what I consider one of the most wonderful discoveries of my life so far. I feel so honored to be able to help people. If you are reading this, and you can relate in any way, don’t give up. There is always a solution.

What People Are Saying (A.K.A. Reviews)
5.0 star rating

I made an appointment with Lisa for my young daughter for an issue that she wanted to improve within herself.   Lisa was very flexible and accommodating with her schedule.   Lisa was just as professional, kind and caring in person as she was on the phone when setting up the appointment. We met in a beautiful office setting downtown which was very comfortable and inviting.    She spent some time with my daughter and really made a positive difference for her. My daughter came out relaxed, happy, confident and I knew I made the right decision taking my daughter to see Lisa.   I totally recommend Lisa to anyone who is dealing with something in their life that they would like to change for the better. In fact, it was such a great experience for my daughter she wants to go back again and I will be taking her.  Thank you Lisa, keep doing what you're doing, you are making a positive difference in peoples lives.    - Sandy, Park Ridge IL

5.0 star rating

I showed up to the appointment not knowing exactly what to expect as it was my first time ever considering hypnosis. I was greeted by a very beautiful and friendly woman. I loved that she was so welcoming, easy to talk to, and expressed much concern for my situation. I felt like I was speaking with a close friend. I suffered a spinal cord injury due to an infection, a very traumatic point in my life, and I went to Lisa for additional help with healing by tuning in to my subconscious mind with intentions of reprogramming it. Although I ended up not going through with the hypnosis for personal reasons, Lisa expressed concern for wanting to help, so she offered me additional great suggestions and was very considerate of my situation. Regardless of the fact, I walked out of the appointment feeling a lot more positive than what I had walked in, and that's what I was expecting from the appointment. I absolutely loved her, and I would highly recommend her! :)    -Abigail, Chicago, IL

5.0 star rating

I used Lisa in September for hypnosis to help me to quit smoking! I was a social smoker for 8 years, and wanted to kick the habit once and for all. Lisa was extremely helpful, we discussed all of my triggers, and my habits with smoking before the hypnosis session, and debriefed after the session about how I felt. 

After the session I honestly wasn't sure if it worked... But that weekend, after a couple of cocktails I did not crave cigarettes at all! I was SHOCKED! I felt so relieved, and that I had been freed of my smoking habit. 

I don't know how she does it, but I have been smoke free ever since! I highly recommend Lisa, she is friendly, easy to talk to, and her treatments worked for me!      Mary Kate, Chicago IL